Get up & SCRAM

Trying to have the break before pain starts to build (for example when you’re sitting at the computer screen) …we all know we ‘should’ … don’t we?
Stopping when the going is good is hard. Sometimes, really hard.

What helps?
I don’t think there’s one way for everyone – but here’s an idea…

I’ve recently been using a kitchen timer to get myself started. To stop the procrastination.
> Timer on for 10-15 mins, then I whizz round and tidy, or then I start pulling together the information to get started (e.g. get all the documents in one place so I can create an invoice, or complete a document).
> Once the timer has gone off – I write down what I’ve done. Little bit of self-congratulation.
> Then decide what the next 10-15mins is going to consist of. More of the same? Something different?
> Repeat as required … Also allowing some fun, relaxing stuff as a reward too!

Here’s the thing …
This kitchen timer is a fabulous way to remind myself to have a movement break too.
To stop even when the going is good.
To stop and change before pain starts.
> All I do is ‘Get up & SCRAM’ when the timer goes off.

Get up! then choose which part of SCRAM I wish to add…

Stretch (up? back? out? wide?)

Change direction (eg sitting becomes gently bending backwards,
arms down at side becomes reaching up or reaching back, jaw clenched becomes jaw wide)

Relax (Breathing? Mindfulness? What works for you?)

Appreciate (e.g. I find one thing to be thankful for)

Move (Walk? Skip? Dance? Jump? Stairs? Star jumps? Burpees? What works for you?)