Costs & info

First assessment = £50

(usually takes 45mins to 1 hour)

Subsequent treatment = £40

(approx 30mins)

Phone or text O78I5 III642 for an appointment


What happens in a physiotherapy assessment?

HISTORY: I will ask you about your details, including past medical history. This background information gives a better insight and understanding of the under-lying causes of your problem. These background questions are very important, they often take 10-15mins.

ASSESSMENT: I will assess your movement and postures. I often assess whole body movement; Any restricted movement in one part of the body can influence the movement and pain in a different part of the body.

It is often best to see your body move without restriction of too many clothes. You may like to bring a pair of shorts with you. Women may like to wear a vest or crop-top

RESULTS: During the assessment I will discuss my thoughts and conclusions. You may ask questions at any time. I will discuss the conclusions, diagnosis and options that you have for treatment, and your role in that treatment. If necessary I will refer you to other healthcare services.

My rule of thumb is that you should notice a difference within one or two sessions.

Data Protection Notice – applies from 25th May 2018.

ResolutionPhysiotherapy uses personal information of different groups and individuals including, patients, contractors, suppliers, enquirers (and other queries, comments, complaints), respondents to surveys, professional experts and consultants. The information we use may include personally identifiable data e.g. your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and postcode.

We also record sensitive personal information e.g. patient records and health data, personal and family details, training and employment details, financial details, lifestyle and social circumstances, goods and services, audio and visual image files, and responses to surveys.  We use personal information to enable us to provide physiotherapy services for patients; research; supporting and managing audit and training; and maintaining accounts and records.

The personal information collected may be legally required for healthcare records (provision of healthcare assessment, advice or treatment), for public health purposes, for research and audit of healthcare, for the establishment or defence of legal claims or for a court order. You will be asked whether you consent to the use of your personal information and to the consent for assessment and any treatment.

We may receive your information directly from other individuals and organisations involved in the delivery of health and care services e.g. a healthcare insurance company or intermediary, NHS services and GPs.

Where necessary we will share appropriate, relevant and proportionate personal information in compliance with the law, with the following:

• You and your chosen representatives or carers

• Healthcare, social and welfare organisations

• Suppliers, service providers, legal representatives

• Auditors and audit bodies

• Research organisations

• Financial organisations

• Professional bodies

• Business associates

• Police

• Security organisations

We keep personal information securely and is only accessible to authorized people. We maintain a secure procedure for the safe disposal of personal information, as per minimum retention periods for health record information.

Your right to be informed includes this Data Protection Notice, information leaflets, consent forms and discussions with the physiotherapist. You also have the right to access your own personal information and to request additional information such as how we use your personal information. This information is free of charge, however if your request is considered unfounded or excessive, or if you request the same information more than once, we may charge a reasonable fee.

If you would like to access your personal information, you can do this by submitting a written request to ResolutionPhysiotherapy, @Sunflowers, 34b High Street, East Linton, East Lothian, EH40 3AB. Once we have received your request and you have provided us with enough information for us to locate your personal information, we will respond within 30 days. If your request is complex we may take longer, in this situation we will inform you about the reason for the delay. 

If you personal information is inaccurate or incomplete in our records you have the right to request corrections. If it is agreed that your personal information is inaccurate we will amend your records.  Where we have shared your information with anyone else, we will notify them of the changes required so that we can ensure their records are accurate. We will confirm to you the status of changes in writing.  If the personal information is not considered to be inaccurate then we will add a comment to your record stating your concerns about the information. We will confirm to you the status of comment-added changes in writing.

You  may object to us  processing your personal information, however if we can demonstrate grounds for processing your personal information (e.g. patient safety, legal obligation) your right will not be upheld. Further information and rights and Data Protection Law can be found on

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