Thankful to those that knowingly, and unknowingly, inspire and motivate. Leaders, including unwitting leaders.

Today a run. A countryside run on a sunny, glorious, autumnal afternoon in Scotland. Arguably, a walk would have been much more glorious – to ingest the country scenes and sounds more fully, in a more leisurely manner. A walk would have certainly been much less sweaty and would have called for decidedly less dealing with self-doubt (largely of my fitness abilities). Why run then? Why, because I still can. So simple, because I still can. During my run I thought of ‘Katie-Lou.’ I’ve never met her, but she inspired me to keep going today, and even led me to enjoy the run. Thank you, you unknowingly helped and inspired me to be thankful for the discomfort of running. To be thankful that I still can. An unwitting leader forced to remain bed bound. Thank you.

I am a reluctant runner at the best of times, and a non-existent runner at others. I was originally inspired (and challenged – competitive? moi?) to start running in June 2011, by friend ‘Paulette’. Last year, I was horrified to find that I struggled to run 60 seconds! 60 seconds was hard. Building up gradually, with the help and pacing of M, I managed to run a half-marathon in Sept 2011. Slow, but I ran every step. Today I was, yet again, inspired and motivated by a text arriving from M. I don’t find it easy to go running there’s always a 101 other things I’d rather be doing.

And now, this evening, I find myself writing in my blog page. I haven’t added anything here for nearly two years. Yet, I’ve been inspired by another friend who has just started blogging.

Inspiration comes in many guises. <Peaceful and thankful sigh>